Your Happiness is a Conscious Choice

Your happiness is determined by your state of being. Everything in your life is determined by your state of being – how you feel, how you think and how you perform actions. To master the Art of Being, you will need to learn the difference between trance and meditation. 

When you surf the web, or check out app suites, you will come across many meditation sites and apps claiming to offer guided meditations. It is important to realize that any technique that requires you to use your imagination, or to concentrate, are not meditation techniques. At best they will bring you to a state of mindfulness, and at worst they will take you into a deep state of trance. Trance can be a very pleasant experience, and it certainly can help with your stress and anxiety, but it will not help much when it comes to mastering the Art of Being or being happy. Trance is like taking a painkiller which treats the symptoms, rather than dealing with the cause of the pain. If you have a thorn in your foot, which causes pain when you walk, you can take painkillers, so you can walk, but it won’t address the cause. If you want to address the cause, you will have to know how to remove the thorn. So, be aware of who and what you put your trust in. 

To change your level of being – your default state of being, this requires conscious effort. And conscious effort is connected with the present moment. When you concentrate on something in the present moment, you become mindful. When you relax your awareness and allow it to expand fully into the present moment, you enter the domain of meditation. But you are still at the door. Truly Being is beyond the surface of the senses and the present moment. 

Your True Being is the consciousness that contains your entire present moment. Any authentic meditation technique will not only bring you into the present moment, but it will also help you to connect to that consciousness that contains your entire present moment. You are this consciousness. Have you got this? Don’t be fooled by all the trance techniques out there claiming to be guided meditations. Trance can help you but cannot change your natural state of being – the state of being you default to when you are not following some technique. To achieve happiness, you must learn how to simply be. You must learn the art of being. Everything else is just temporary.

Maha Khala uses its understanding of the duality of our body, mind and heart, to bring us into the present moment, and then to take us beyond sensual perception, to the very consciousness that contains it all. The very root of your being. Learning the Art of Being is the only way you will ever achieve happiness in your life.

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