A Spiritual Approach to Mental Wellness

Welcome to The Perennial Truth Foundation. We offer understanding of who you are and the world you find yourself in. This understanding together with our unique meditation practices, enables acceptance which in turn fosters Self Love and Self Awareness. Mental Health does not stand alone, it is an integration of transpersonal experiences within each of your levels of being.

Who are we?

TPTF is a registered not-for-profit company supporting individuals, groups, families and the broader community in their mental and emotional health and overall wellbeing.

What do we offer?

TPTF provides spiritual wellness through meditation techniques, transpersonal practices and metaphysical understanding that breaks the stigma of mental health.

Join the cause!

TPTF offers a variety of ways to get involved. From volunteering and fundraising, to sponsors making a tax-deductible financial contribution in support of our mission.

Our Story

About Us

We are a sincere group of dedicated Perennialists following the teachings of Spiritual Adept and Metaphysics TLB Kruger. We offer in-person Meditation Workshops and Retreats at our Tiger and Meditation Sanctuary in Carlswald, Midrand. In addition to ensure we reach the greater community we have made available a comprehensive, Hybrid Digital Platform for self study, onsite programs and online group sessions.

Join the Emergence

Join us in shaping a self responsible future by empowering youth, individuals, groups and the greater community with the tools and resources in becoming their own Spiritual Wellness Mentors. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure, of breaking the stigma of mental health, together.


Hear what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with us.

“ As a friend and student of Tjaart for over 10 years, I have seen that he has chosen to support numerous people by sharing knowledge consistently. He is passionate about learning and sharing unique truths to help people realise there authenticity. He graciously inspires people by his commitment to making our reality so much more interesting and fascinating. A truly inspirational man who by his nearly obsessive thirst to empower other people has planted many pastures of uplifted people in our community.

He is a true enabler for so many people that just need a small leg up to find their own source of energy.”

“I met Tjaart Kruger 16 years ago, as we trained together to become Art of living teachers. We were a handful of young people searching to experience Divinity. Budding in my own spirituality, I became very aware that this young dashing Afrikaner boy, driving a two door car, with all the girls oogling at him; knew so much about life, was layered with ancient wisdom from the spiritual masters, & clearly secrets of the universe were already revealled to him. For lack of a better expression, he was way ahead of the pack, and his thirst to know himself & Divinty was always something very palpable in our conversations. His interpretation of the ancient word is most refreshing & his courage to live his Truth, stands testament to who he really is.”

“The knowledge and spiritual mentorship provided by Tjaart changed the course of my life. What Tjaart shared on the workshop elevated my meditation practice to a whole new level. This allowed me to gain deeper and more profound insights into who I am. Understanding who I really am has given me the courage and confidence to pursue my true calling.”

“It is only when you truly seek the truth, with heart does life make sense. The Perennial Truth has brought together religion and science in a simple universal way. Understanding the archetypes has reduced the stigma of mental health and serving our higher purpose becomes the ultimate goal. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with the world igniting my Intimacy with the Divine.”

It’s Okay to not be Okay, but it’s not Okay to stay there by choice!

Meet Our Perennialists

Our passionate and dedicated team brings together a diverse range of skills and expertise to deliver against the mission and vision of The Perennial Truth Foundation.

Kiashan Moodley

His rebellious nature forced Kiashan outside of his religious upbringing in the search for Truth. Guided to the foundation through his own meditation practices, Kiashan became inspired by Tjaart’s spiritual quest embarking on his own sabbatical to the foothills of the Himalayas. With TPT uncontested, Kiashan now leads and facilitates programs at the Sanctuary.

Denzil Naicker

As a single dad of two amazing children, Denzil was first introduced to the foundation through his journey on the Maha Khala program. Since then he has become invested in sharing the benefits of Maha Khala and TPT, to others, especially parents juggling the fears and stresses of life, let alone parenthood. Denzil’s invaluable contributions reflects in our focused digital sanctum.

Johan Herbst

When Johan first joined a group meditation, his first words were “I’m Home” Since then Johan has become our master student proving the success story of the integration of Maha Khala and TPT into their life. Battling with addiction since his teen years and being thrown into rehabilitation centres most of his life, Johan has transformed his being. He is now a hybrid facilitator at the foundation.

Keshan Naidoo

Partnerships are key and the foundation is grateful to have Nemesis Distributors as one of its primary sponsors. As an account manager of the company, Keshan plays a key role in ensuring open communications between the foundation and the company. Nemesis supports the Tiger Sanctuary in its donation towards food for Amar and Taara and other adhoc sanctuary needs.


A Union of Sincere Seekers

Brought together by Divine’s Grace, Tjaart and Karen have surrendered themselves to serving the will of the Cosmic Entity. They share the journey of their own quest to inspire and motivate you towards yours. Tjaart and Karen have been in Divine Union since 2003 offering meditation programs at their Sanctuary in South Africa. In addition, through their online platform, they are able to share exclusive content for the sincere seeker on their journey towards liberation. Aside from being a scribe, content creator and teaching Maha Khala, Tjaart and Karen spend their time as custodians of two Spirit Tigers that call the Sanctuary home : Amar, the Gentle Giant and Taara, the Warrior Princess. These other-worldly Sentient Beings enables anyone visiting their sanctuary to feel the presence of Divine Consciousness, in connecting to their True Self.

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