The Void

The Void

During a time of  pain and deep heartache, I found myself staring at the void again with Fear. It was after my mother’s funeral when Oom Tjaart suggested that I could tap into that empty feeling that lingers after losing a loved one. At first, I struggled to comprehend how to do that, because that sense of emptiness had always been a constant in my life growing up.

I vividly remember my younger days when I visited psychologists over and over trying my best to explain this feeling of emptiness that seemed to be with my being from a very young age . It was like a sensation nestled just beneath my chest, hovering above my stomach, running throughout my entire body. Back then, it felt scary i was scared of the void but I believed Oom Tjaart planted a seed in my consciousness and it was all Divine timing things happened at the right time I heard the right stuff at the right time even tho At that moment some of it wasn’t easy to hear because of lack of understanding but

A few weeks after my mother’s passing, I found myself drawn to that familiar emptiness I knew all to well but with a new perspective. So I immersed myself in the study of TPT and practicing Maha Khala and delved into the great work I slowly gained new understanding of the void, It was not just an absence or a void to be feared rather, it was a gateway to profound insight and inner peace.

So for me the void symbolizes the unknown endless potential, the space between our thoughts, and the freedom from the chains of our ego. It is this emptiness that we can shed our past burdens, fears, and attachments. By embracing the void, we can surrender to the natural flow of life, trusting in the Divine guidance on our journey.

As I came to terms with the void, I transcend the limitations of my ego and connect with my higher self. Through this connection, I can tap into a wellspring of inner peace, love, and joy that stems from my authentic self rather than external sources.

It is through understanding and embracing the void that I embark on a  sincere journey of spiritual growth and transformation. By releasing outdated beliefs and narratives, I open myself up to boundless potential and and even enlightenment.

So I encourage you to sit with the void, to welcome it with open arms, As I navigate this emptiness, I find a sense of fullness within myself. In embracing the void, I started paving the way for  inner peace and self discovery on my spiritual path. Trust in the process, and witness the evolution of your soul its a journey towards greater understanding, freedom, and spiritual awakening.

The void is nothing to be feared, but actually a opportunity for growth and enlightenment. Embrace it, sit with it, and allow it to guide you on your journey. Trust in the natural process, and know that through understanding and embracing the void, you can unlock your true potential and find inner peace.

In letting go of old beliefs and attachments, you make space for new growth and transformation. The void is a gateway to insight and self discovery, leading you towards a deeper connection with your authentic self and the Divine at large.

So, I embrace the void, I embrace the unknown, and embrace the journey of spiritual growth that it offers. I Trust in the process, and allow myself to be guided towards a higher state of consciousness and inner peace. Embracing the void is the path to Awakening and I send so much love and Gratitude to Oom Tjaart for planting the seeds and As I do the work within those seeds are transforming into understanding slowly but definitely surely.

Love and Light


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