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The Technique

Maha Khala enables an expanded awareness where surrender comes to the forefront. Only when you are in the present moment, can you fully accept what is. When you accept what is, you step beyond the sensory limitations into the limitless potential of your True Self.

The exclusive Six Stage Maha Khala training program, offers a step by step process, transcending beyond the vacillations of the mind, into the domain of cosmic consciousness. Your intuitive senses become heightened enabling access to the infinite intelligence and love that is available to you.

Each Stage has a set of knowledge in the form of text, video and audio discourses. The Stages start with a Self Reflection process to assess your current state, followed by the relevant processes and practices. The Self Assessment allows you to gauge your mastery of the practice and stage. When you have mastered a Stage you move onto the next Stage. There are 57 modules to complete with over 200+ hours of content, practices and self work applications to guide you towards mastery of your mind.

Choose from the in-person free retreats, free ebook, free audio book, or free online book course and start your Maha Khala Quest. The community forum helps support your progress and when you have mastered being in the present moment, enquire about our certificate training programs.

The Perennial Truth Foundation relies on donations to make available the Maha Khala programs on all channels and platforms. We empower you to become your own spiritual mentor learning direct from the source.

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