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The Teaching

Maha Khala by definition, refers to the highest time, the present moment. We are so consumed by thought addiction that we are never here, in this moment, to accept what is. Instead our mind vacillates to the past and lives from pain and misery or believes in hope of future boons that never manifests and if it does, it’s time expires to take you back into pain and misery. You remain on this endless wheel of chasing the next object, the next idea the next feeling. As such this pendulum of the mind creates the mental stress and emotional anguish that takes us away from a centred state of acceptance and bliss.

Maha Khala enables an expanded awareness where surrender comes to the forefront. Only when you are in the present moment, can you fully accept what is. When you accept what is, you step beyond the sensory limitations into the limitless potential of your True Self.

Maha Khala was first documented in the The Perennial Truth, published in 2019 by TLB Kruger. The teachings of TPT allows you to decode your experiences of the present moment. You can access the complete TPT Book Shelf on our Digital Sanctum.

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