The Perennial Truth

The Awakening of Consciousness

Way of the Soul

Why are you here? Has your interest been peaked by the other worldly realms of creation. Truth, by its very nature, cannot remain hidden. It rises with the dawning sun, accompanying the daily reality of what is, visible for all that have eyes to see and ears to hear. But the truth that relates to the now is ever-changing. What is true for the day is not so for the night. Each of the seasons, too, has its truth. The same applies to the truth—that is, the doctrines—of religions, which change every time we enter a new mental age, every two thousand years.

What do you desire the most?

Do you feel alone and lost, over-whelmed with the new world and confused by the contradictions on social media? Do you lack purpose and meaning? Has life become the same old, same old, spiralling your frustration in the endless pain and suffering that you can’t seem to get through.

Well then, The Perennial Truth, is for you! It not only offers you a cosmic understanding of who you are, the teachings in the book also enables you to see the world differently through the practical exercises shared. This newly found Self Awareness fosters an inner transformation that ripples through your life and the world around you.

Have you ever felt as if you were reading a book from the future, and not only the future, but an advanced form of humankind? That is how I felt when I read The Perennial Truth, and I’m not referring to a sci-fi fantasy future with aliens and spaceships— I’m talking about that which is already around us, with many being too tuned out to notice it. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are so connected to the universe and its intrinsic powers—all we have to do is to allow ourselves to tap into it. TLB Kruger, this incredible soul who, to me, is almost other-worldly and has, in my opinion, lived many lifetimes before and after our current time, brings us wisdom from the future into our present so that we can wake up now, in this lifetime, and live our best lives now. 

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The Perennial Truth is the truth that does not change. It gives you something to hold onto while you explore the ever-changing currents of life. Like the soul, The Perennial Truth comes from a realm that is beyond creation. It allows one to view life from a higher context, like a picture of a completed puzzle on the box of life. Each of us interprets life and its events according to our personal level of understanding. The questions we ask, causal patterns we discern, connections we make, and facts we assume leads us to infer and come to conclusions that are personal to us, and therefore subjective. The Perennial Truth enables us to see our own wheels of time and to consciously transform our awareness through understanding who the Cosmic Creator is and our purpose in this dream called life.

I personally found a lot of benefit in reading this, particularly the material on the seals and Maha Khala. Although I’ve practiced and studied in this area,  there was something in the way Tantra was explained that I found especially accessible. I also found lots of value in the material on the personas, too, especially seeing how they operate through Tjaart’s personal experience, which made them come alive. So, it’s been a valuable experience for me.


An Emergence for Truth

“There is me, and then there’s is the world I perceive. But even the world I perceive is a subjective perception of the world. You’re not truly observing reality but rather reality is passing through the filters of one’s subjective emotion and understanding and sense experience, perception. And so the world that one perceives is really the world according to you, and it’s reflected in one’s consciousness. And within that consciousness is this subjective observer who’s observing this world? So it’s very closely integrated, there’s a there’s a very close synergy between the observer of the world and the world it observes, you know, it’s this whole principle of quantum quantum physics goes into how these different worlds these multiple worlds exist in the mind of the observer. So a test for truth is cannot explain the phenomenon in the world what what is manifesting in your world as reality? So, a question comes back to the individual. Do you have a truth? Do you personally have a truth?”

“ As a friend and student of Tjaart for over 10 years, I have seen that he has chosen to support numerous people by sharing knowledge consistently. He is passionate about learning and sharing unique truths to help people realise there authenticity. He graciously inspires people by his commitment to making our reality so much more interesting and fascinating. A truly inspirational man who by his nearly obsessive thirst to empower other people has planted many pastures of uplifted people in our community. He is a true enabler for so many people that just need a small leg up to find their own source of energy.”

Daniel Fisher
Business Owner and Entrepreneur

A New Perspective of Our Existence

Discover groundbreaking insights that bridges the gap between religion and science to offer a new perspective of understanding who we are, what we are and our role in this existential experience of the cosmic play.

The Human Experience is based on Usefulness for Self Awareness

South African born spiritual adept, TLB started his quest for truth in his early days whilst studying to become a chartered accountant. When religion could not quench his thirst for Truth, TLB looked to the east to gain deeper insights. Following from his spiritual science research over the past 30 years and resonating with the works of Vasishta and the Ancient Tantric Masters, Tjaart shares his experiences of Consciousness and man’s place in it, through The Perennial Truth. Consider this his Autobiography as a Tantric Seeker.

Uniting Religion and Science for Human Transcendence

Oneness is at the root of the vision of the Perennial Metaphysics Foundation. As the founder, TLB hopes to foster a global community of togetherness, through understanding. Join the Perennial Metaphysics Book Club to deepen your understanding.

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With over 3 decades of teachings, TLB Kruger now offers his theory of man made in the image of God and his purpose in creation. Subscribe to his podcast show for more episodes on life, the world and this cosmic entity.

Fosters Acceptance

Subscribe to TPT Uncensored’s Youtube Channel and Podcast Show for more audio talks and video discourses. Expand your understanding and step beyond the pain and misery into a space of wonder. Join the community and be part of the emergence for truth.

“I met Tjaart Kruger 16 years ago, as we trained together to become Art of living teachers. We were a handful of young people searching to experience Divinity. Budding in my own spirituality, I became very aware that this young dashing Afrikaner boy, driving a two door car, with all the girls oogling at him; knew so much about life, was layered with ancient wisdom from the spiritual masters, & clearly secrets of the universe were already revealed to him. For lack of a better expression, he was way ahead of the pack, and his thirst to know himself & Divinty was always something very palpable in our conversations. His interpretation of the ancient word is most refreshing & his courage to live his Truth, stands testament to who he really is. At the outset of his journey with writing, we had a most wonderful conversation about how to encapsulate all the beauty & wonder of Divinty that was flowing through him….I look forward to being part of Tjaarts continued journey.”

Vani Pavadi – International Association for Human Values (2015)

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