The Guarantee

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The Guarantee

There are no guarantees!

One of the fundamental principles of our foundation is that this sacred quest of transcendence is a personal journey that only you can walk. We can offer you the knowledge, the techniques and the support but we cannot do the practice on your behalf. It is up to you to practice.

As with anything in life, to master something you have to apply yourself. The same is true for Maha Khala. As simple as it may seem, the technique, if not practiced, becomes just another meditation course that you can add to your resume of life.

On the other hand, if you follow the program, apply the practices, integrate Maha Khala into your lifestyle and daily activities, you will experience the wonders of the present moment. This Self Realization will be your guarantee that the technique works.

The Foundation prides itself in offering you a comprehensive platform for your Self Growth journey, however we urge you to become aware of the ‘Someone will Save me’ mentality as this platform empowers you to Know Your Self!

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