Reduce Suffering

During meditation, when you experience the void, know this: The void is yours to fill. Your awareness is the light that will expand to fill the void of darkness, which is part of your consciousness. Darkness is nothing but the absence of your awareness. Darkness is yours to fill with your light of awareness.

You are everything that is, nothing that is not. The dark will not resist. It will simply cease to be, and all ignorance disappears. When you are completely aware, the void is filled. Then there is no void, only you. You are the light that brings consciousness to life.

When you move through life, the things you are aware of are brought to light. The things you are not aware of remain in darkness. Consciousness is like space. When you are aware of everything on the outside, the whole of your inside is brought to light. By expanding your awareness, the darkness is dispelled by the light of your consciousness.

Enlightenment reveals that everything is exactly as it should be. All separation between you and existence disappears, and you are finally home. Creation is a cosmos, not a chaos, and you are a valuable part of the whole.

In this state, you are equally aware of life’s opposites. Nothing is alone. Everything is part of the duality of a higher whole. There is no separation. All is one. You are no longer drawn to one part or repelled by the other. There is nothing on the outside that is not already on the inside. You are complete. You are, yet you are not. This is how it is. Everything is, and nothing is. All duality has been united with its opposite.

… Excerpt from The Perennial Truth

Understanding is at the pillar of our Foundation. When you can fully understand the events of your life, transcending the pain and suffering that is attached to these events, becomes effortless. Understanding fosters Acceptance and Acceptance allows you to be Free! Free from the pain and miseries of the past and Free from the hope and desires of the future.

Only in the present moment can you access this objective understanding of what is. Maha Khala guides you towards awakening intelligence through it’s six stage process and TPT is the codex that allows you to interpret the events of your life and it’s causality.

Suffering is inevitable in embodiment. It’s by karmic design, but the intensity of one’s suffering can be dramatically reduced through learning how to be present and accessing the intelligence of that present moment for Self Understanding.

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