Collaboration Proposal: 

Integrating Meditation Programs for Enhanced Mental Health Services

Dear Partner,

The Perennial Metaphysics Foundation, a public benefit organization dedicated to providing free meditation programs for mental health and well being humbly requests your support.


– Empower AMHF’s clients to manage mental health challenges more effectively, improving their overall well-being and resilience.

– Enhance AMHF’s services by integrating our evidence-based meditation programs, providing a comprehensive approach to mental health support.

– Support AMHF’s mission to promote mental health and well-being in Africa, increasing access to effective interventions and promoting a culture of mental well-being.


– Complementary resource: Our meditation programs will offer a complementary tool for AMHF’s clients, enhancing their mental health journey.

– Expert guidance: Our experienced instructors will provide guidance and support to ensure a smooth integration.

– Expanded services: Our collaboration will enable AMHF to expand its services, offering a more comprehensive approach to mental health.

– Increased impact: Together, we can reach a wider audience, promoting mental well-being and resilience.


1. Meditation Program Integration: We will work together to integrate our meditation programs into AMHF’s existing services, tailoring them to AMHF’s clients’ specific needs.

2. Joint Workshop: We will co-host a workshop to introduce our meditation programs to AMHF’s team and clients, ensuring a smooth transition.

3. Ongoing Support: Our team will provide ongoing support, ensuring the successful implementation of our meditation programs.

4. Evaluation and Feedback: We will collaborate to evaluate the impact of our meditation programs and gather feedback for future improvements.

Meditation Programs:

– Accessible and inclusive, suitable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds

– Led by experienced instructors with extensive training in meditation and mindfulness

– Structured to provide a progressive learning experience

– Delivered online, convenient and accessible from anywhere

Benefits for AMHF:

– Enhanced services

– Increased impact

– Professional development for staff

Benefits for Participants:

– Reduced stress and anxiety

– Improved mood and emotional regulation

– Enhanced cognitive function and focus

– Increased self-awareness and personal growth

– Improved overall well-being

Logistical Details:

– Scheduling: We will work together to schedule sessions and workshops at convenient times

– Online Platform: Our meditation programs are accessible via video conferencing platforms

– Marketing Materials: We will provide materials to promote our collaboration and meditation programs

Evaluation and Feedback:

– Collaborative evaluation to assess the impact of our meditation programs

– Feedback gathering from participants and AMHF’s staff to improve and refine our programs

By collaborating, we can make a meaningful difference in the lifes of those we serve. We believe our meditation programs will complement AMHF’s existing resources, enhancing the mental health journey of AMHF’s clients.

Perennial Metaphysics Foundation

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