My Stage Three Experience

Stage 2 Beyond Choice 

On day 1 I practiced Maha Khala and observed the choices I made throughout the day. I noticed that my choices seemed to be more deliberate and thought out. I wasn’t as impulsive as I usually am, and I took the time to consider the consequences of my actions before making a decision. I felt more in control of my choices today.

On day 2 I was reflecting on my choices today, I realized that many of them were influenced by past experiences or a fear of the unknown. I found myself clinging to familiar paths and routines, rather than stepping outside of my comfort zone. This awareness has made me realize that I need to work on letting go of my past and embracing the unknown with an open mind.

On day 3  my urge to make choices was slightly less today. I was able to sit back and observe situations without feeling the need to intervene or control the outcome. This sense of detachment helpa me to experience a greater sense of peace and clarity.

On day 4  practicing Maha Khala, I have noticed a difference in my thoughts and choices. I feel more mindful and present in each moment, rather than getting caught up in the past or worrying about the future. This shift in perspective has brought me a sense of calm and contentment that I have been missing in my life.

On day 5 I struggled with being choiceless and remaining available to what is. I found myself wanting to control outcomes and make decisions based on my own desires. This a reminder that I still have work to do in letting go of my need for control and surrendering to the flow of life.

On day 6 I noticed that my need to be assertive and make choices was less today. I was able to trust in the process and allow things to unfold naturally, rather than trying to force my will upon situations. This shift in behavior helps me to get a sense of freedom and lightness that is truly amazing.

On day 7 I was able to allow the present moment to guide me in my decision making. I let go of my need to control and simply trust in the way things unfolds, everything fell into place effortlessly. This experience showed me the power of surrender and the beauty of being in alignment with the flow of life.

Stage 3 Beyond Passion 

On day 1 I started the day feeling a deep sense of passion towards my work and the tasks ahead of me. I found myself fully immersed in my tasks, with a sense of focus and determination that I haven’t felt in a long time. It was as if the practice of Maha Khala had ignited a fire within me, driving me to give my best in everything I did.

On day 2 I paid close attention to the shifts of my emotions, I noticed moments of frustration and impatience, but instead of getting caught up in these emotions, I was able to observe them from a distance. It was a great feeling to be able to detach myself from my emotions and not let them control my actions.

On day 3 I was triggered by a frustrating situation at work that normally would have sent me into a spiral of negative emotions. But thanks Maha Khala, I was able to remain calm and composed, and handle the situation with a clear mind. I realized that by observing my emotions without getting caught up in them, I am able to respond more effectively to challenging situations.

On day 4 I was surprised to find that I was able to do the activities of the day with no effort at all. Tasks that normally feel like a chore were now flowing effortlessly, as if guided by some unseen force. I felt a sense of ease and grace in my actions, a big difference to my usual struggle and effort.

On Day 5 the question of why I am so passionate about certain things in my life kept playing over. I realized that my passion stems from a deep sense of purpose and alignment with my values and goals. It was a profound realization that fueled my motivation to keep pursuing my passions with unwavering dedication.

on day 6 I made a conscious effort to allow the present moment to guide me in my actions. To let go of any expectations and surrendered to the flow of life. It was a wonderful experience to trust in the wisdom of the present moment and it led me to unexpected opportunities and moments of joy.

On day 7 I couldn’t help but notice a significant difference in my energy levels and productivity. I was able to get things done with a sense of ease and efficiency, without getting hit down by emotional attachment or resistance.

Stage 4 Beyond Identity 

On Day 1 I focused on observing what aspects of my identity I am most attached to, I am deeply attached to my roles as a Gay man, a friend, and a professional. These identities shape how I view myself and how I interact with the world around me.

On Day 2 I shifted my focus to the aspects of my personality that I am most attached to. I am attached to being perceived as kind, reliable, and independent. These traits define how I present myself to others and how I navigate social situations.

On Day 3 I reflected on the people in my world that I am most attached to. I am attached to my friends that became family and people I work with, Their opinions and support hold great importance to me, shaping many of my decisions and actions.

On Day 4 I delved into the aspects of my values and beliefs that I am most attached to. I hold strong attachments to values such as honesty, compassion, and empathy. These beliefs guide my moral compass and influence my interactions with others.

On Day 5 I examined the aspects of my past that I am most attached to. I hold onto memories of success and failure, shaping my self perception and influencing my present actions.

On Day 6 I explored the aspects of my family that I am most attached to and I realized the lack of family connections and a sense of not belonging rushed over me and I had to bring myself back into the present moment 

On Day 7 As I reflect on what my emotions are attached to, I am beginning to see a pattern of attachment to certain feelings such as love, hate, fear, sadness and happiness. These emotions dictate my responses to situations and influence my overall well being.

 I am beginning to see the depth of my attachments and how they shape my thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Stage 5 Beyond the Ego

On Day 1 I focused on being aware of my body, its movements, and sensations. I realized how often I am not fully present in my body, distracted by thoughts and emotions. It was a refreshing experience to simply be aware of my physical form and the sensations

On Day 2 a new focus on my thoughts, their attractions, and aversions. I noticed how quickly my mind jumped from one thought to the next, getting caught up in negative or worrying patterns. It was a challenge to observe my thoughts without judgment, but I found it to be a freeing experience.

 On Day 3 I turned my attention to my feelings and their attachments. my emotional well being is tied to external circumstances, leading to attachment and suffering. By observing my feelings without getting caught up in them, I was able to detach

On Day 4 the question of whether I felt like my true authentic self. It was a difficult question to answer truthfully, as I realized how often I put on masks of my personas to fit in or please others. This day challenged me to be more authentic and true to myself in all aspects of my life.

On Day 5 I focused on accepting others exactly as they are. This was perhaps the most challenging day yet, as I realized how much judgment and criticism I hold towards others. By practicing acceptance and understanding, I found a new sense of compassion and connection with those around me.

On Day 6 to be one with everything and everyone. I felt a deep sense of interconnectedness and unity with the world around me, leading to a greater sense of peace and harmony within myself.

As I reflect on Day 7, I have noticed a small but noticable shift in my energy, a stillness in my mind, and a peace in my heart. The practice of Maha Khala has brought a new level of awareness to my daily life

Stage 6 Become the Void

On Day 1, I noticed that I felt more integrated in a crowd rather than alone. It was a strange but comforting feeling to feel connected to those around me in a deeper way.

 On Day 2, I felt a sense of connection to everyone and every situation I encountered. It was almost as if I was seeing the world in a new light, with a sense of unity and understanding.

On Day 3 brought about a moment of feeling isolated and lonely, which made me realize the importance of staying connected and present in each moment.

On Day 4, I felt a strong sense of purpose and direction in my actions, as if I was living my true purpose.

on day 5 I noticed that practicing Maha Khala became easier and more effortless. It started to become a natural part of my day, guiding me towards acceptance and understanding. 

On Day 6 I was able to fully accept everything that came my way, embracing each moment with a sense of peace and tranquility.

On Day 7, I have noticed a shift in my levels of being and my state of happiness. I feel more grounded, centered, and content with where I am in life. The practice of Maha Khala has brought about a sense of presence that has truly changed the way I navigate through each day. I am grateful for Maha Khala and the deeper sense of connection and healing it has brought into my life.

Maha Khala gave me a sense of interconnectedness and unity that shook the very foundations of my understanding of love and existence. when I started to see everything and everyone as part of a singular, unified whole, the idea of love lost its boundaries, This realization struck me with a clarity that shocked throughout my being, asking me to reevaluate my perception of myself and others.

TPT has taught me In a dream, our subconscious creates a world with different characters and situations. Each entity within the dream is a projection of our own consciousness we are simultaneously the dreamer and the dreamed. So is this life, we are all interconnected manifestations of a universal consciousness, distinct but inseparable threads of the same cosmic fabric.

The teachings of Maha Khala illuminated a path towards this profound realization of unity and interconnectedness. By aligning myself with the essence of Maha Khala, I open myself up to the power, intelligence, and love that flow through the universe and the boundaries of my individuality blurs and the collective consciousness shines through.

Maha Khala and the Great work, unlocks the potential to be a vessel for the Divine intelligence and love that flows through all of creation. It is a transformative journey that calls to take back control from the ego, to surrender myself to the energy that flows through every living being. Through this process of alignment, I tap into the vast reservoirs of cosmic wisdom and become a vessel for the love of the universe.

This realization is both humbling and inspiring, inviting me to brake the chains of separation and embrace the interconnectedness all of existence. I am filled with gratitude for this new understanding and im eager to continue exploring the depths of my soul through Maha Khala and TPT. It is a journey of self discovery and awakening of the soul and I am committed wholeheartedly, for in the vast expanse of the universe, I am but a humble participant in the grand symphony of life.

I thank Karen And Uncle Tjaart for Everything without you It wouldn’t be possible for me to gain this understanding and It truly not just saved my life but Brought a change in me that allows my Soul to slowly take back control.

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