My Maha Khala Stage One Practice

Today marks the beginning of my journey of practicing 6 Stages of Maha Khala daily.

Stage 1 Beyond thoughts

On day 1, I focused on observing my thoughts. I noticed that my mind was constantly racing with thoughts, some positive and others negative. By bringing awareness to my thoughts, I was able to pause and choose the thoughts that served me best.

Day 2 was dedicated to observing my feelings. I noticed that my feelings were closely tied to my thoughts. When I had positive thoughts, I felt lighter and happier. When negative thoughts crept in, my mood would shift. This observation allowed me to see the connection between my thoughts and feelings more clearly.

On day 3, I observed my thoughts about others. I realized that my thoughts about others were often influenced by my own insecurities and judgments. By acknowledging these thoughts, I was able to shift towards more compassionate and understanding thoughts.

Day 4 was spent observing my feelings about others. I noticed that my feelings towards others were also influenced by my own inner state. When I felt calm and centered, I was able to approach interactions with others from a place of kindness and empathy.

Day 5 was dedicated to observing my thoughts about my feelings. This was a challenging day as I had to confront some of my deeper emotions and beliefs. By acknowledging and embracing my feelings, I was able to create space for healing and growth.

On day 6, I observed my feelings about my thoughts. I noticed that my emotions often colored my perceptions and judgments. By practicing Maha Khala, I was able to detach from my thoughts and emotions, allowing me to see things more objectively.

As I enter day 7, I am excited to observe my energy based on the past 6 days of observations. I can already feel a sense of calm and presence within me, a subtle shift towards a more mindful way of being. I am grateful for this practice and the insights it has brought into my life

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Lots of love and Light 

Johan Herbst

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