Who Am I? What Am I? Why Do I Exist? Is there a God? How can I live from purpose and meaning?

The existential questions that is the root cause of mental strife and emotional wellbeing. The uncertainty of life stems from the inner conflict of un-answered questions that causes our mental mind to resort to thought addiction. The Perennial Truth Foundation not only offers a technique to step beyond this addiction but also supporting tools for continued growth and wellbeing.

A Spiritual Approach to Wellness

With over 50+ years of experience, we share our exclusive meditation techniques, transpersonal practices and metaphysical knowledge to empower the youth, individuals, corporates and the broader community in breaking the stigma of mental health.

The Perennial Truth Foundation exists to foster an understanding of the reality we live in. When we can look into our life’s experiences from this context, transformation is possible within the levels of being. The physical being reflects the polarity of the mental being. And the mental being manifests the hidden desires of the causal or emotional being. This internal Trinity of forces, when observed, can offer much insights into who we are and why we think the way we do.

Within our mental being, we have 12 archetypes that govern how we think, what we feel and the actions we take in the world. The unconscious mind plays a large role in our mental health. The Perennial Truth foundation assesses the source of our mental issues through unearthing hidden traumas within our unconscious mind or causal level of being. Refer to The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul Book to understand this better.

So mental health does not start and stop at our thoughts. In fact, our thoughts gives us clues to why things are happening! ‘Why Me!’ Isn’t that every persons question who suffers at the hand of life’s beating? To answer this is not one dimensional. The answer for you is not necessarily the right answer for the next hence TPTFoundation has a unique way of understanding your 12 persons through a customised True Personality Archetype assessment profile that tells us which of your archetypes is active and dominates and which are dormant and recedes. This gives us a platform of understanding your mind and helping you become master of your thoughts.

Thought Addiction is the Ultimate Addiction! We are conditioned to think and this thinking is the root cause of our pain and suffering. What if you could not think so much yet still access the same intelligence that is freely available when you need it? What if you could move though life in a state of wonder and blissful in total acceptance of what is? What if you could access an unlimited well of love that empowers you to be the best version of your self, your True Self? What if you no longer need to pretend to be what others expect you to be but learn to use your individual archetypes when you need them? What if the present moment can offer you everything you desired and more?

TPTFoundation offers you our exclusive Maha Khala Meditation program, completely Free, to learn how to train your mind to be in this present moment and discover your True self in the process. Mental illness stems from Fear! Fear of not knowing who we truly are! Because we don’t know who we are, we live from the past, ie move through life based on avoiding past mistakes and as such we live constantly in that pain and suffering because we base everything we do from that past trauma. And/Or because we are constantly searching to understand and find who we are, we live in the future in the hope and desire that something better will happened, a ‘new beginning’, a ‘new chapter’ of our life. So our mind becomes like a pendulum trying to avoid the fear by vacillating constantly from past avoidances to future boons that has not yet manifested and we never enjoy the gifts of the present moment because this fear blocks our awareness of our true self and prevents us from being in a space of total oneness and gratitude. This self induced fear allows us to be easily manipulated by the world, and as such we loose our power. We loose our zest and purpose for life. We loose our passion for being. We loose our authenticity. We move deeper into the self sabotage of our archetypes and further away from Divine Consciousness, God!

Self Awareness is the key to Spiritual Wellness that includes physical vitality, mental health and emotional wellbeing. When all three of these beings are given attention, an inner alignment naturally allows your True Self to emerge. To move through life in this space of Self Awareness one has to commit to change through understanding and practice. Self Understanding and Self Work is the twin of living your best experience of this magical world we call life. When you integrate these two practices into your lifestyle, they transform the quality of your being and Self Awareness awakens. Self Awareness is not something you can do, that is just the workings of the intellect. Self Awareness is a state of being completely at ease with what is. When you live from the present moment, you gain access to a higher intelligence that reveals an understanding of what is for every life experience. All you have to do is observe, without judgment, the reactions and responses of your archetypes to that life experience and an inner healing happens naturally. But you have to be in the present moment to observe from a space of acceptance. This is called Self Work, The Great Work. Read more about this in The Perennial Truth Publication.

Maha Khala offers you a step by step guide to come into the present moment at will. Maha Khala teaches you how to step beyond the crippling banter of your archetypes, your mind and intellect and allow the present moment to guide you. The Perennial Truth offers you the codex for interpreting any event or experience in your life. Think of TPT as learning your a,b,c’s of the language of your life and Maha Khala as the 1,2,3’s of walking through life, moving effortlessly in total acceptance of what is, in this present moment.

So! If you are ready to join the emergence of Self Awareness, support our cause. TPTFoundation relies on donations and sponsors to keep our hybrid services freely available to the youth, individuals, families, groups and the greater community at large. The foundation is managed by a handful of selfless Perennialists who walk the path of Self Awareness and have adopted TPT and Maha Khala as their own spiritual wellness guide to experiencing life as it actually is.

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