Integrating with the whole

Can you remember when you were really depressed, and couldn’t see a way out? Maybe you are feeling that way right now. It is at these moments when prayer comes so naturally, doesn’t it? We speak to God. We even fight with God. We ask for a way out of this suffering. We all know how to pray, especially when it is from the heart. 

Prayer happens when you sincerely speak to God. But most of us have not learned how to listen to God. In order to listen, you have to be silent within. Mentally silent. Emotionally silent. Available to the whole. 

You have probably heard the story of the professor who approached the Zen master for some wisdom. And, as was the custom, the Zen Master offered the professor some tea. But when he poured the tea, he didn’t stop when the cup was full. He just kept pouring. And the tee overflowed onto the table, and onto the floor. “Stop,” the professor shouted, “it is full! Nothing more can go in!” The Zen master smiled knowingly. 

When you are full of your own ideas, your own solutions, nothing new can go in. Your consciousness is like a cup. If you are full of ideas and thoughts, how can you hear God speak? 

Have you noticed that you are thinking all the time, one moment about the past, and the next about the future?

To access the intelligence of the Divine you will have to learn how to become that pure consciousness that contains it all. Your consciousness is like a cup. When it is empty, something new can enter. You can hear God speak. 

This is the Art of Being. Being fully present, without thinking, or judging or reasoning. Just simply being. Receptive. 

Then you can integrate with a consciousness which is beyond your senses, beyond your mind, beyond your intellect. Jesus used to say that the only way to the Father is through him. The only way to hear God is through the pure consciousness of your being, your soul. 

The soul is the Son of God. The soul is your true being. Everything else comes to pass. When you learn to simply be, without thinking, without having feelings about everything, you become available to a larger consciousness. You become receptive. And you enter the realm of Flow.

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