Outreach Initiatives

Serving the Greater Good


Reducing Suffering
> Maha Khala

We have become a lost society grasping loose ends of truth from self indulgent influencers. Trusting our inner voice has to become a priority only through the Emergence of Self Awareness. We offer the Six Stage Maha Khala Meditation program, Free, to every human being in the hope they can experience Divine Consciousness.


Enabling Self Love
> Digital Sanctum

Fear seems to ripple through the skins of communities forcing people more into inner isolation crippling them with self criticism that fosters survival with substance abuse and body harm tactics as their coping mechanisms. This fear stems from identification, bullying, discrimination that has one underlying symptom, the lack of Self Awareness. We offer the voiceless a safe digital sanctum to explore who they are, what they are and where they are going on their quest of awakening.


Fostering Self Awareness
> Tiger Sanctuary

Amar and Taara have played a key role in both Tjaart and Karen’s Maha Khala journey. When Maha Khala was first documented in The Perennial Truth in 2019, little did they know how Amar and Taara would reveal Dynamic Maha techniques for the advanced spiritual seeker. Since the book publication, Tjaart and Karen have offered the digital course, completely free, to anyone who seeks to be Free!

Emerge with us

Do you have a selfless desire for helping others? Join our cause.
Get involved by becoming a Maha Khala Influencer in your city and help us, help more suffering with mental health issues.

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