Awakening to Freedom

The Perennial Metaphysics Foundation offers a metaphysics focused transpersonal consultation program for addiction, rooted in the teachings of TLB Kruger and the Perennial Truth “Awakening of the Soul” book. This program guides participants on a transformative journey of self discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth, to overcome their ultimate addiction and embrace a fulfilling life. This is achieved through an integration of knowledge, practical self work processes and a deep meditation connection with the Spirit of the Tiger.

Our Story

Tjaart and Karen Kruger have been offering wellness and teaching meditation since 2004. In 2019 Tjaart was guided to save and adopt two magnificent sentient beings of the natural order. Amar, the white Siberian Tiger was first to reveal his spirit connection and purpose in this embodiment to Karen. Taara, the warrior princess waited a few weeks until propelling her adoption. In seconds of meeting eye to eye with this other-world being Taara revealed her lineage to Karen and Tjaart.

Over the last five years Tjaart and Karen have protected Amar and Taara from the self indulgent public eye. Off recent, Karen and Tjaart have been guided to open their sanctuary doors to those who can honour and respect The Spirit of the Tiger!

Transpersonal Wellness breaks the stigma of mental health and addiction by being all inclusive. Addiction can be grouped in 3 categories that have a direct influence to mental health challenges.

By offering a 9 week Self Awareness program at the sanctuary (Awakening to Freedom) and integrating processes with Amar and Taara, we hope to guide people on their journey to Self Transcendence. This program was inspired by one of our long term students who has since become a Director for the PBO.

Read more on Johan Herbst’s journey.

Physical Addiction

We are driven by the objects of the world and just being in nature teaches us that we already have everything we need. Self Observation comes to the forefront in overcoming physical addiction.

Mind Addiction

Thought addiction is the know that binds physical and emotional addiction. This integration of self sabotage can only be unravelling through understanding. Self reflection is at the root of overcoming mind addiction.

Emotional Addiction

Mental health harps on the mind but the unconscious holds even more demands that we are not aware of. Trauma and Grief can deepen the poor me syndrome as with Fear and Anxiety that keeps us chasing the unknown. Self Inquiry becomes the key practice of unearthing that which is locked in our unconscious.


The Sacred Quest of Self Awareness

Acceptance of who you are! We’re taught to accept others and forgive their behaviour but the Perennial Metaphysics Foundation is rooted in promoting Self Awareness where Self Acceptance comes to the forefront. Transformation starts within each of us. Passing blame is to live in ignorance. The Foundation offers the knowledge, technique and practices, but the journey can only be walked by you alone. This quest of Awakening to Freedom is an inner journey of self work. Explore the posts of Johan Herbst as he shares his journey of Awakening through the teachings of the foundation. The success story of Johan has motivated the foundation to evolve its status to a Public Benefit Organisation in helping more like him. Our metaphysical IP gives us the edge of offering a comprehensive program that empowers the individual. We expect people to be stronger within after the program rather than dependent on us, the program or another.

Our Vision

Elevating the Consciousness of humans through the Perennial Recovery – Awakening to Freedom, Self Awareness program

Our Mission

Make Perennial Metaphysics and Maha Khala available to those who seek it.


Hybrid Program Structured for Self Study
9 Modules over 9 Weeks with Lifetime Online Support
Weekly group sessions (online or in-person)
Program materials include online resources and self work practices


The Perennial Truth

– Introduction Perennial Metaphysics
– Background
– Introduction of the Perennial Metaphysics Foundation and its principles
– Introduction to the idea of the soul and its relationship to the Three Bodies
– Introduction to Energy Transactions (the seven realms)


Maha Khala

– Introduction to Maha Khala meditation practices
– Understanding the role of meditation in addiction, recovery and spiritual growth
– Guided meditation sessions and personal practice guidance
– Breathwork and Himalayan Pranayama and Kriya Meditations


The Three Levels of Being

– Understanding Addiction and the 3 Levels of Being
– In depth exploration of the spiritual perspective of addiction (Ultimate addiction)
– Understanding the role of trauma, emotional pain, and energetic blockages
– Identification and working with personal energetic patterns and wheels of time


Working with the Three Bodies

– In depth exploration of the Physical Body
– In depth exploration of the Mental Body
In depth exploration of the Emotional Body
– Understanding the role of the 3 Bodies in addiction and recovery


The Archetypes and the Ego

– Introduction to the 12 archetypes and their role in human consciousness
– Understanding the archetypes and their relationship to addiction and recovery
– Exploring personal archetypes and their expression in daily life


Creative Expression, Journalling, Gratitude and Self Care

– Introduction to creative expression practices (art, music, writing, movement)
– Journaling and reflection exercises
– Practicing gratitude and self care


Embodiment and Integration

– Embodying the new energetic patterns and soul connection
– Integrating the Perennial Truth principles into daily life
– Cultivating self love, self acceptance, and self awareness


Nature for Healing and Meditation

– Guided meditation sessions with Spirit Tigers Amar and Taara
– Understanding the role of meditation in addiction recovery and spiritual growth
– Understanding the role of nature for Inner Peace and Freedom


Program Evaluation

– Participant feedback and testimonials
– Pre and post program assessments of spiritual growth and self observation
– Evaluation of program effectiveness and areas for improvement
– Post Program Support and Continuation

A Divine Detox Outcome

The structure of our program ensures you have all the tools necessary for self success. The onus is on you to practice. What you can expect from the sessions will be invaluable.

Serenity of the Soul

Beyond thought addiction and Embracing of the Now. Our minds can become entangled in a web of thoughts, leading us to lose touch with the essence of our being. This addiction stems from an inner yearning for control and a fear of the unknown. TPT teaches us that true serenity is found in surrendering to the present moment, where the soul can breathe freely

Reclaiming Purity

Divinely guided detox on all levels of being. Substance addiction often masks a deeper spiritual thirst. This addiction arises from an attempt to escape pain or to fill a void that only spirit can satisfy. TPT teachings guide us towards a divine detox, where we cleanse not just the body but also the spirit, reconnecting with our higher selves

Emotional Alchemy

Beyond Emotional Addiction through transforming pain into power. We sometimes cling to familiar emotions, even if they cause us pain, because they give us a sense of identity. TPT illuminates the path of emotional alchemy, where we learn to transform our pain into power, turning every tear into a crystal of wisdom

Courageous Awakening

Breaking the chains of self sabotage through the Intimate Dance with Fear. Fear can become a comfort zone, a familiar shadow that follows us. But TPT encourages a courageous awakening, where we dance with our fears and embrace them as teachers, leading us to a profound trust in the dance of life

Sacred Self Embrace

Beyond Self Loathing Addiction and embracing the Art of Self Love. Negative self perceptions can trap us in a cycle of self rejection. TPT wisdom invites us into a sacred self embrace, teaching us the art of self love as we learn to see ourselves through the eyes of the divine

Spiritual Harmony

The integrating of Being enables us to live above the stigma of addiction and mental illnesses. Our beings weaves together mind, body, and spirit. TPT philosophy emphasizes the importance of Spiritual harmony, integrating all faces of our existence to reveal the masterpiece that is our true self the soul

Re-Awakening to the Infinite

In this spiritual journey, each step is an invitation to delve deeper into our own essence, to peel back the masks of illusion, and to awaken to the perennial truth of our souls eternal nature. It’s a transformative process that goes beyond mere recovery it’s a rebirth, a reawakening to the infinite potential that lies within each of us.

As we embark on this path, we are not simply shedding addictions, we are rediscovering the sacredness of our existence. We are learning to walk in harmony with the universe, to listen to the whispers of our soul, and to align with the cosmic energy that orchestrates all of life.

This program, inspired by the profound teachings of TLB Kruger, is more than a rehabilitation it offers a beacon of light, a map to navigate the complexities of the human experience, and a compass pointing towards the ultimate destination the awakening of the soul, Let’s journey together, with hearts open and spirits willing, as we explore the depths of our being and the heights of our potential.

Perennial Recovery and the 5 Pillars of Freedom

The journey of spiritual healing and understanding the different faces of addiction is crucial. Each form of addiction, whether it be to thoughts, substances, emotions, fear, or any other, represents a unique challenge on the path to freedom. What you will gain from this program will be your blue print for dealing with life’s challenges.


Mind Traps

The Quest for Inner Silence
Thought Addiction is like a noisy market in your head. But beyond that noise, as “TPT” suggests, there’s a silent sanctuary waiting for us. We’ll explore meditation techniques to quiet the mind, drawing from ancient wisdom that guides us to the shores of our inner being.

The Practice : Finding the Silent Observer
Learn to become the watcher of your thoughts, not their prisoner. We’ll practice self observation techniques to help you step back and observe the mental chatter without getting swept away. Thought addiction is the compulsive engagement with certain thought patterns, often negative or self defeating. It’s like a mental loop that keeps playing without pause. From a spiritual standpoint, this can be seen as a disconnection from our higher self, the part of us that is aligned with peace and clarity. To break free from thought addiction, one might engage in practices that foster a connection with the present moment and the DIvine wisdom within


Chemical Chains

The Alchemy of Transformation
Substance Addiction is a cry for something deeper. As we learn from “TPT” true alchemy is about transforming our inner world, turning our leaden struggles into golden triumphs.

The Practice : The Alchemist Within
Unlock your inner alchemist by learning how to transmute negative habits into positive actions on all levels of being. Substance addiction involves the physical and psychological dependence on substances such as drugs or alcohol. Spiritually, it may reflect a deeper thirst a longing for connection or an attempt to fill the void that only spiritual fulfillment can truly satisfy. Recovery often involves reconnecting with one’s higher power, finding oneself in the belief that we are part of something greater, and that our lives have purpose beyond our physical experience


Emotional Chains of Imbalances

The Art of Self Love
Emotional Addiction is a dance of duality, PT teaches us about the dance of unity. Emboding self love and compassion enables us to move
gracefully with the rhythm of the universe, leading us to connections that reflect our highest self.

The Practice: Harmonious Connections
Learn to attract and nurture relationships that resonate with your soul’s frequency, creating healthy connections.
Emotional addiction is the habit to attachment to certain emotions, even if they cause pain. It’s as if one is addicted to the drama and intensity that these emotions bring. Spiritually, overcoming emotional addiction may involve learning to navigate the heart’s landscape with grace, seeking balance, and understanding our emotions, It’s about finding the courage to let go and trust in the flow of life in the present. Cultivate a deep love and respect for yourself through guided self love practices, affirmations, and journaling exercises.


Vortex of Fear

The Courage to Face Your Shadows
Facing our Fear Addiction means facing the shadows within. TPT shows us that through this confrontation, we awaken. With courage and support, we’ll walk this path together, finding strength in vulnerability.

The Practice: Embracing the Dark to Find Light
Engage in shadow work to confront and integrate the parts of yourself that you’ve been afraid to face, illuminating your path to wholeness.
Fear addiction is being in a constant state of fear, worry, or anxiety. It’s an addiction to the adrenaline rush and the false sense of control that comes from anticipating the worst. Spiritually, this type of addiction can be seen as a loss of faith a forgetting our inner strength and the protective presence of the Divine. Healing may come through practices that encourage surrender.


Self Critique Spiral

The Embrace of Self Compassion
The cycle of Self Loathing Addiction descends into darkness, but TPT offers the light of self compassion. We’ll cultivate practices that honor our inherent worth, learning to love the soul within.

The Practice: Healing the Core
Reconnect with your inner child, offering the love and acceptance needed to heal the core wounds that fuel self critical thoughts.
Self loathing addiction is the persistent indulgence in self criticism and negative self talk. It’s a destructive inner narrative that denies ones self worth and infinite potential. In spiritual terms, this addiction is a disconnection from the unconditional love that is our birthright. Healing involves embracing self compassion, recognizing the Divine light within

You have a place in this world

When we can step beyond the identifications of the dream, into the space of the dreamer, we
become the witness without judgement. This self observation fosters a distance from the world
enabling a deep integration into the realm of the other-worldly.

Beyond These Chains

The Perennial Experience Sets Us Apart and Gives us the Edge

Behavioural Bonds
The Rituals of Release

Transform compulsive behaviors into meaningful rituals

Digital Dilema
Mindless Connectivity

A healthy approach to technology, using it to enhance your spiritual practice

Nutritional Knots
The Sacred Act of Eating

View eating as a sacred act, choosing foods that nourish not just the body, but also the soul

Occupational Overload
Work as Worship

Reframe your approach to work, seeing it as an act of worship and service, aligning your daily tasks with your higher purpose.

Perennial Recovery for All forms of addiction. The Awakening to Freedom Program offers a beacon of Light. It invites us to look beyond the physical and emotional symptoms to the deeper spiritual disconnections that may be at the root. In the spirit of “The Perennial Truth,” we recognize that the journey to liberation is not just about overcoming addiction it’s about awakening to the truth of who we are, immortal beings on an eternal journey This program is your guide, a beacon of wisdom to illuminate the path to your true self, the soul that vibrates through all. Let’s continue this adventure together, with hearts open and a sense of Wonder.

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Choose your Hybrid Program

Summer Semester starts in March
Spring Semester starts in September

In Person

The Awakening to Freedom program is offered twice a year. This is a 9 week comprehensive program with weekly classes. We offer two options within the in-person option : A weekday Thursday Morning program from 9am to 1pm and a Saturday Morning program from 9am to 1pm.


The online program runs concurrently as the in-person program. The times are adjusted to accommodate international participants.

Choose your starting point to Freedom

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This is a 2 Day Program

A donation based 2 day retreat

Min 12 persons – Max 18

Includes all program materials and resources
Includes access to the Perennial Metaphysics Community
Includes the comprehensive Maha Khala Online Course
Includes Lifetime Support
On Donation. T&C Apply

This is a 9 Week Program

A donation based morning retreat

Min 12 persons – Max 18

Includes all program materials and resources
Includes access to the Perennial Metaphysics Community
Includes the comprehensive Maha Khala Online Course
Includes Lifetime Support
On Donation. T&C Apply

awakening self awareness with

TransPersonal Wellness

Online Resources

The Awakening to Freedom is a hybrid program that offers the in-person activities as well as online resources for self work processes.

All Inclusive

The programs includes all materials and resources. For online you will receive links to your program materials that you can download.

Post Program

All participants gain free access to our Digital Sanctum and Metaphysics Book Shelf for continued resources and support to ensure continuity.


You receive a certificate of completion after successful completion of program modules, self work practices and allocated assignments.

Awakening to Freedom
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