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When consciousness awakens at the level of the causal being, we move into unconditional love, which is a state of deep acceptance and trust of everything in the present. In this state of selflessness, unconditional love shines through, as in the case of a mother Theresa. This emotional awakening beyond selfishness is a moment of emotional brilliance. We call such a person a saint.

We worship the saint. But what we are perceiving is really the awakening of consciousness at the level of the heart. We celebrate a Mandela when really it is his consciousness that should receive the recognition.

The ego claims these moments of brilliance, but its attributes really belong to consciousness that is beyond the person, the son of man. It belongs to the soul. God should be worshiped in such moments, not the person. The brilliance does not belong to the person. You know this because you have experienced such moments yourself. Ask any icon, and they will tell you that they aren’t quite sure how they did it. Many will say they were lucky.

Only when consciousness awakens at all three levels of being simultaneously is the possibility created for the awakening of the soul beyond the three beings. When this awakening of consciousness from the normal functioning of the three levels of being occurs, the soul awakens and realizes who it is.

In that moment, the soul, which has been identified with being you, can realize its godliness.

A sign of the awakening of the soul is the realization of the oneness of all. When our sense of separateness drops like a ripe fruit from a tree, we become the whole. Only when we are one with the whole can we realize who we truly are.

… Excerpt from the Perennial Truth

The Perennial Truth Foundation aims at fostering Self Love within every individual through it’s wisdom, philosophies and meditation practices. Understanding what Self Love is a pre-requisite for any seeker.

The Self, that TPT refers to is beyond the Individual Self (The Ego) and it’s 12 Archetypes. The Self is your higher True Self, the Soul. When you step beyond the identifications of the Ego, you move into the realm of your Soul and ‘Self’ Love exudes. Love in itself is the highest level of being of the Individual Self and when all three levels of being are aligned to the awakening of your Soul, you move into a natural state of union where Self Love arises.

All judgement disappears, all identifications become unimportant, all desires are surrendered. You are present to the Cosmic Love that reflects within you, and you reflect that within your environment.

Maha Khala is the complete meditation tool that takes you on this journey of union towards this state of Self Love.

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