Fear to Oneness

One of the major reasons for mental illness is the fear of loneliness. Not feeling like you belong or fit in or that you are being seen. This feeling of loneliness is an illusion of the martyr archetype which, if indulged, can drain your physical, mental and emotional energies to keep you in the negative polarity of self inflicted pain and misery.

Maha Khala guides you to step beyond this fear to connect with the Whole. It integrates you with the power, intelligence and love of the Whole, the Cosmic Consciousness. The spiritual experiences people have while in the state of meditation comes from the forces of the collective consciousness. There is a lot of misinformation on the web about meditation. Meditation is thought to be techniques you practice while being away from your normal life. It is regarded as separate from life, almost like going to church on Sundays.

Maha Khala can teach you how to turn any activity into meditation. It awakens you from the slumber of trance, and allows you to awaken no matter what you are doing. Maha Khala enable this expanded state of Self Awareness. It consciously reintegrates you with the larger Whole that you are already part of. You go back online. And with it, that feeling of being separate, alone, lost in a world without purpose, disappears. There is a huge difference between a meditation technique and the actual state of meditation. That is the simple truth.

A guided meditation can lead you to a relaxed state, but in itself the technique is just a mental activity. Like mindfulness. There is nothing wrong with learning how to meditate in a silent, peaceful space, but ultimately you want to bring this state of meditation into life with you. So that it can become your new waking state. A state beyond the trance called life.

Maha Khala enables an effortless state of awareness. You are aware of everything, yet you are not drawn to any particular thing. You are aware of the whole, rather than the parts. You are physically, mentally and emotionally available to the present moment, yet you are not drawn to any particular sensation, thought or feeling. It is a state of all-inclusiveness, without effort. It is the relaxed, yet fully aware state of consciousness. A state of being from where everything meaningful originates – oneness with the whole, with everything that is.

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