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There are many layers to this dream of life. If you are a spiritual seeker you would have already noticed the glitches in AI. AI is only as good as the data input. In addition as vast as the web is to source knowledge the time to sift through the half truths can be quite daunting. Hence this platform is old fashioned human content and engagement.

The Perennial Metaphysics Foundation exists to share ancient oriental teachings and exclusive meditation practices that allows you to drop the fears and conditioning of beliefs enabling your own Perennial Truth to arise. The community forum engagement is to awaken Perennial teachings about your own existence and its occurrences. This is a dedicated platform, managed by a handful of students, focuses on the teachings of TLB Kruger, The Perennial Truth and Perennial Metaphysics for the Awakening of Consciousness. Explore our Book Shelf.

” Tjaart was my teacher at The Art of Living Foundation. At the time, I was exploring various self help publications to deal with my own inner demons : A Course of Miracles, The Kabbalah, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, to name a few. But just within 7 days, of attending a course with Tjaart, I was introduced to Zen, Tantra, Taoism and the Himalayan mystics to name a few. This was completely outside of the actual course but the way Tjaart managed to weave this ancient wisdom into the course, resonated deep within my core. My first Samadhi experience as a rookie on the spiritual path happened the very next week during a follow up with Tjaart. And, at the same moment, Tjaart received a message to marry me. Twenty plus years later, we are still serving Divine Consciousness and the Awakening of our Soul. The Perennial Metaphysics Foundation is now our last journey of oneness, in sharing our experiences as spiritual adepts and scribes so that you too can find your way back home. Learn more about Tjaart, the Scribe, in The Autobiography of a Tantric, an excerpt taken from The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul. Our message to you : You have the power within to become your own Spiritual Wellness Coach and Metaphysician. It’s not a journey of red roses and sunflowers, but it certainly is an authentic one. We hope your adventure of awakening your soul is just as adventurous as ours is. We continue swimming deeper in the cosmic ocean of consciousness, until the day we finally dissolve into the ocean. We hope you will join us into the depths of the limitless void.” Karen Kruger

Frequently asked questions

Here’s some questions and answers regarding our platform. Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well for more information.

Dive into our FAQ for more details

Wondering how the Foundation works?
The Foundation exists to offer a theory of understanding who you are, what you are , where you are and why you exist. This platform offers book chapters, ebooks, book courses, audio books and a community forum for sincere seekers on their quest towards the awakening of consciousness. The knowledge shared on this platform extends to bridge the gaps between science and religion offering you understanding about your life, the world and the Cosmic Entity.

Confused about signing up to the book club membership platform?
The Maha Khala Membership is completely free. All you have to do is create an account and sign up. You get access to over 200+ hours of book courses, guided meditations, and self practices. In addition you gain access to related posts and content. When you have completed your Maha Khala Quest and feel like you want more, you can access the complete Book Shelf of exclusive content and engagement on the community forum. This includes the Podcast and YouTube content. Perennial Metaphysics in one place, for you to access, anytime, anywhere. You will need to purchase one of the Perennial series of books at $9.99 which gives you 12 months access to all content. This small donation allows us to ensure that the community forum is protected to sincere Perennialists rather that key board warriors imposing their will on members of this platform. Please refer to the Terms of Use for more information.

Still not sure?
Explore our Podcast and YouTube Channels for audio and video content. Subscribe to the TPT Uncensored channels.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of our digital platform there is no refunds. We have limited resources and as this is non profit, public benefit cause. We do not have the luxury of expenses to employ dedicated staff. We urge you to follow your heart should you not wish to sign up. All donations recieved for membership to our platform go towards feeding programs for the Sentient Tigers at our Meditation Sanctuary in South Africa. In addition sponsorships and fundraising alms contribute towards our Maha Khala mental wellness projects globally.

Is the Foundation a Religious Organisation?
No. TPTF and it’s subsidiaries offer spiritual sciences and metaphysics for understanding the cosmic creation and the awakening of consciousness. This focuses on self inquiry and all work is an internal journey of self reflection, self observation, self understanding and self awakening. Our focus is in bridging the gaps between science and religion with Perennial Metaphysics.

Can you help me become successful in life?
Although our focus is not on material success, when you apply The Perennial Truth and it’s practices, if practiced 100%, can affect what you attract in the material world. PMFoundation is a School of Metaphysics, focused on liberation and the understanding thereof. However in saying this the journey to self awakening is through physical vitality, mental health and emotional wellbeing. So your life does change in terms of meaning and purpose.

What if I am new to all this?
That is actually perfect because then you are not conditioned by others knowledge and the journey to discovering your own truth becomes easier.

I am an advanced spiritual seeker. Can you guide me?
The first question we would ask : Is your mind in no-thought, is your heart in no-attachment, and is your body in no-restlessness during your meditation practice? If No, then Yes TPTF can absolutely guide you. Both Tjaart and Karen as well as their hand picked students, have had their own Samadhi experiences and direct guidance from Divine on the journey towards enlightenment. Their experience lies in the secrets of allowing life to serve their awakening through integration which is shared on this platform. Join the OnLive Book Club membership community for live Q&A sessions and Online Meditation retreats.

What makes The Perennial Truth unique?
The Perennial Truth is a truth that does not change. It is not just a part of the whole, it gives you a full context of understanding the whole of creation, in it’s entirety. Most knowledge serves one level of being. TPT serves your full existence. It’s the picture on the puzzle box not just the piece of puzzle. So TPT is inclusive rather than exclusive. It can decode the ancient scriptures for today’s understanding. One piece of the puzzle may seem like the ultimate truth and this can be deceptive as it serves life for a specific experience. You would need another pice of the puzzle for a difference experince of life. TPT is the Cosmic Codex that can be applied to every aspect of your life’s experiences.

What can I expect from your books and courses?
Maha Khala is the ultimate toolkit to center the mind and bring your awareness in to the present moment. When you feel that the thoughts are invading your meditation practice then apply Maha Khala. You can learn how to be present any where, any time. Our books are a combination of theory, practical exercises, guided video and voice recordings and supporting resources. The Perennial Truth and Perennial Metaphysics as well as The Cosmic Entity can be everything you need to understand who you are, what you are, where you are and why you exist.

What guarantees are there?
There are no guarantees other than we can guarantee all our publications are Divinely guided through TLB as the scribe and all self work practices is personally practiced by Tjaart, Karen and their volunteer students. Other than that, this is a sacred quest between you and Divine Consciousness. The Perennial Truth Foundation just offers a focused platform of resources towards the awakening of your soul. But the work lies with you.

What is my donation used for?
Explore our initiatives to better understand our projects. Your donation goes towards the care and feeding of Amar and Taara, the wild bird life, planting of trees, printing and distributing books to universities and contributing towards our global Maha Khala mental wellness programs.

How can I become a Volunteer?
A Volunteer leads our mental wellness outreach in their community. To become a volunteer practitioner one needs to complete the Maha Khala teachers training and actively establish The Perennial Truth Foundation in their territory following the rules and guidelines of the organisation. Contact us for more information.

Will Maha Khala affect my religious beliefs?
Absolutely not. If anything, the Maha Khala practice with strengthen your religious practices and understanding.

Can I still do my own meditation practices and apply Maha Khala?
Yes absolutely. The Maha Khala is the ultimate toolkit to center the mind and bring your awareness in to the present moment. When you feel that the thoughts are invading your meditation practice then apply Maha Khala.

Can I do Maha Khala if I am on medication?
Yes. Maha Khala is a non invasive program. Depending on the medication, Maha Khala may just help you rest better during your process of healing. Talk to us for more guidance.

Can I do Maha Khala at work?
That is the beauty of Maha Khala. Stages 1 to 3 give you the tools to be more present at work and manage your mental health accordingly.

Can I do Maha Khala while driving?
Unless you have mastered Maha Khala with TLB Kruger in the advanced courses, we do not recommend you apply Maha Khala during any physical activity that may be harmful to you.

Why have I not heard of TLB Kruger?
TLB Kruger resides at his meditation sanctuary in Carlswald in South Africa teaching meditation for over 2 decades now. With Covid and the increase of mental health issues, this has propelled TLB and his volunteers to offer his programs online to the global community.

What do I get if I sign up?
Have a look at the features of signing up and the different options. The Maha Khala program is a 6 stage step by step course with over 200 hours of course content. This is Free! The Perennial Vault Membership is renewed annually and offers exclusive content and full access to all Pods.

Is the payment process safe?
Yes, we use PayPal as our payment platform for the membership and book purchases or you can purchase the books directly from Amazon, iBooks or any other leading retailer.

Can I cancel my membership if I am not happy?
Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime. Your membership will still be available and once your annual membership term is over, your access to the exclusive content and forum platform will be restricted. When you cancel you can request to have all your personal data permanently deleted.

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