Meditation will give you the capacity to improve your health, relationships and skilfulness of all your activities. This is because meditation can do something that no other technique can accomplish. It introduces you to yourself on all levels of being and finally leads you to the centre of consciousness within. This centre of consciousness is called Atman! Or Christ Consciousness.

Meditation is a specific technique for completely resting of the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different than the normal waking state. In meditation you are fully awake and alert but the mind is not focused on the external world or events taking place around you neither is the mind asleep, dreaming or fantasizing. Instead the mind is clear, relaxed and focused within. Meditation is about the here, and now, this present moment.

Teens and Young Adults

Lets look at Teens and Young Adults. At this age they are developing their understanding of themselves and their internal world and how they fit into this external world.

Young Adults are closer to their adult development as their mental minds are being developed from studying at university or college and they want to apply themselves in the physical world. So they are eager for the external world experience.

Teenagers, unfortunately are the ones that are caught is the middle of this tug-of-war between their mental mind and their heart. Their heart says they are love and empathy and they are fine exactly as they are. But their mind, says they have to achieve certain goals to be accepted by society. Society being friends, peers, mentors, teachers, parents and family members.

Hence this is a constant battle and most teenagers tend to rebel against society through stimulants, addictions and even tattoos can be seen as an escape because the physical pain takes away the emotional pain and becomes a rebel technique of making a mark to the world to say ‘This is who I am’

Toddlers, Kids and Tweens

And then we have the givers of love and light. Observe children and watch how easy it is for them to be in the present moment. The Here and Now without vacillation of thoughts from negative to positive, or clinging onto the past or hoping for a different future.

Have you observed a child eating an ice-cream? All his/her levels of being are engaged. The body is present, the mind is fully enjoying the ice-cream through the senses and the emotions are in a blissful state. Watch any activity that the child does before we create expectations of how this should be done. If we allow children to fully be in their emotional beings during this phase of development we create a strong foundation of self love, self acceptance and self confidence and we will produce strong willed self aware teenagers and young adults.

The first three stages go Maha Khala is a perfect program to introduce as a lifestyle into your daily home activities. It turns any activity into an opportunity to be present. This transform the quality of energy that is in your home and the quality of relationship that you have with your family members.

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