Falling into the Void

I’m on a quest within my own soul, falling into the void that is my consciousness. sitting in reflection, navigating through the dance of my conscious and unconscious thoughts, like a cosmic dance of awareness showing itself to me peeling back the layers of my mind, uncovering hidden gems and buried treasures of emotions and thoughts that is waiting to be acknowledged.

As I fell deeper into the the void of my soul, I found myself embracing the paradox nature of my being, the light and shadow, the joy and sorrow, the known and unknown. It’s like gazing into a mirror that reflects not just my physical form, but a mosaic of my thoughts, emotions, and experiences that make me who I am.
Sometimes I feel like I’m lost in this void. But then I realize, it’s in this void that I find myself. It’s in this silence that I hear my inner voice the loudest. It’s in this emptiness that I find fullness. I feel like I’m standing on the edge of my thoughts, looking into a deep emptiness within myself. It’s a strange emptiness that feels limitless and timeless, this emptiness isn’t just nothing  its like a blank page waiting for me to reflect on things  

So as I meditate falling into the void for a second I was aligned with the rhythms of the universe for a few moments It was as if I went beyond the boundaries of individuality and becoming a vessel for the divine energies that flow through all of us. I realized that the consciousness of my soul is the void and is not just a personal journey of self discovery, but a sacred quest towards self realization and awakening of the soul,  like awakening from a dream to the truth of reality, where the illusions of ego and separateness falls away to show the oneness of everything in existence, a reminder that beyond the wall of illusion is a realm of infinite potential and unconditional love, waiting to be explored and available to all who seeks their truth.

I realize this emptiness is not really empty. It’s a mix of feelings, thoughts, and reflections that both fill and empty me. So, I’ll keep writing, exploring, and searching. In this emptiness lies the truth of my existence.
love and light Johan

When you become reconnected to the Great Void, all feelings of being alone, not being good enough, or not having a purpose, disappear. Through this connection you are made whole again. *TLB Kruger

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