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Our focus is on Self Awareness and the Awakening of the Soul through stepping beyond mental anguish and self sabotage. The journey includes understanding our Ego (AhamKara) through Self Observation, Freeing One’s Mind through our exclusive Maha Khala (Transcending Time) Meditation program, Healing One’s Unconsciousness (Samaya Tantra) through Pranayama, Vibrational Healing and Meditation practices and finally experiencing The Perennial Truth wisdom to awaken our own individual Truth.

Our philosophy is based on The Perennial Truth – by TLB Kruger and our practice is the Six Stage Maha Khala program that allows you to integrate spirituality into your daily life’s activities thereby using Life for your Awakening rather than just serving Life. We cover all aspects towards awakening to ensure physical vitality, mental health, emotional wellbeing for the awakening of Self Awareness.

Each one of us are on a unique and individual path as directed by consciousness. When we can understand this Cosmic Creation a little and figure out our karmic place on this journey then we can live life purposefully and discover deep hidden secrets through our communion with Consciousness (God).

Life is a game of hide and seek. Divine (God) hides in the physical, mental and emotional world and as a mini Void of Consciousness (Jiva or Soul) the individual self seeks out God through the messengers sent our way.

It’s an adventure that’s joyous once you learn how to Move through Life with Awareness!

Who should join a retreat:

Any sincere seeker in search of their Truth. Advanced Spiritual Seekers who are stuck or need clarity. Practitioners and Teachers who want to advance their own spiritual journey. Parents a must! And Young Adults who want to learn how to step beyond mental illness and emotional traumas and discover their True Self.


We are a public benefit organisation and only offer free events for group programs. We unfortunately don’t allow any walk-ins. We have 4 structured retreats which are free but by group booking and email confirmation only.

Explore the details of each events and contact us to set a date for your group program. Please send us a detailed message on your choice of event based on the terms and conditions and the number of participants. We host a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 participants per retreat.

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