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What Sets Us Apart

Making The Perennial Truth easily available for the sincere seeker. The Perennial Truth Foundation exists to offer the sincere seeker, a Digital Sanctum for the Awakening of Self Awareness and the Transpersonal Experience of Life. The mission of the foundation is to make available the ancient oriental wisdom of The Perennial Truth and the Tantric practices of Maha Khala, which awakens self awareness and the transpersonal experience, within every sincere seeker. Everything you need to become your own Metaphysician.

Meditation at your finger tips!

The Perennial Truth Foundation exists to Meditation in your hand. Stress, Anxiety, Depression does not wait until you are home. Life’s triggers can be emotionally crippling. Now with the TPT App you can take a moment away from the mundane and reset tp deal with life’s challenges.

Transpersonal Wellness

You don’t have to wait for an appointment. Become your own kind of spiritual wellness coach anytime, anywhere, with our range of inspirational posts, self work practices, video discourses, audio books, book courses, emergence forum and more.

Wisdom when you need it!

Your are not Alone. God is always with you. Divine Consciousness has never left your side. When you understand who the ‘real devil’ is, your intellect will hold no weight on your overall wellbeing. Empowering yourself with understanding is the greatest adventure.

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