Dark Night of the Soul

Dark night of the soul 

It all started with this deep void in my heart. I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more to life than what met my eyes. It was as if my soul was whispering, urging me to embark on a journey to dive deep into the unknown.

I find myself in unknown territory. It was like stepping into a dense forest with no clear path to follow. I felt lost, confused, and unsure of what lays ahead. My familiar comfort zones and routines that once ruled my life began to fade away, leaving me with a sense of emptiness and uncertainty.

With each day passing by, I faced my deepest fears and insecurities, It was like peeking into the darkest corners of my soul, confronting the shadows that had been hidden away for far too long. It was uncomfortable but I knew that by facing these demons, I was setting myself free from their grip.

I realized just how much importance I had placed on external stuff, achievements, possessions, and even relationships. I saw that these attachments held me back from true spiritual growth and joy. So, with a heavy heart, I began to release them one by one, like a bird spreading its wings for the first time.

My soul searching, my faith and spiritual beliefs were put to the test. I questioned everything I thought I knew, seeking wisdom and guidance. It was like rebuilding the foundation of my spirituality, one brick at a time. I went to meditation to find peace and understanding, prayer, and connecting with nature and observing my ego was a demon on its own.

Now, as I reflect on everything I’ve experienced, I realize that this dark night of the soul was a gift in disguise. It was an opportunity for growth and spiritual awakening. Through the pain and confusion, I am stronger, wiser, and more connected to my true self than ever before.

I see now that this journey is necessary for me to shed the layers of illusions that had kept me trapped in a limited perception of reality. It was a journey of breaking free from the chains of my ego and embracing the void of my soul.

During this dark night, I learned the power of surrender. I learned to let go of my need for control and trust in the Divine timing of the universe. I discovered that true peace and fulfillment is in surrendering to the flow of life, rather than resisting it.

I also learned the importance of self care and self compassion. I realized that in order to truly heal and grow, I needed to be gentle with myself and practice self love. This meant allowing myself to rest when I needed it, to take care of my body and soul, and to prioritize my own well being above all.

But the best lesson of all was the realization that this journey is ongoing. The dark night of the soul is not a one time event, but rather a continuous process of growth and transformation. It is a journey that requires dedication, vulnerability, and a willingness to face the unknown time and time again.

I am grateful for the pain, the confusion, and the darkness, for without them, I would not have found the light within, grateful for the lessons, the growth, and the new perspective I have found along the way.

“Maha Khala breaks the chains of the suppressed unconscious pain and suffering allowing you to be in total acceptance and surrender to the present moment.” ┬░TLB Kruger #Mahakhala

Love & light


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