“The awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment.”

Mindful School (Sati Pasela) – Sri Lanka
“This simply means that we should be fully mindful or completely aware of what we do and what we say, as much as possible. This also means to practice being heedful in our day to day action and speech.”

Mindfulness is the mental quality achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment, observing feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations without judgement.

Mourning for the past and yearning for the future, is ignorance. Living in the present moment is wisdom.

Chasing the past is a hindrance, dreaming the future is a doubt, being in the present moment is peace.

If you want to recall the past experience, be in your present moment. If you want to plan for the future, be in your present moment.

Today as we all know, kids, teens, youth and adults face strenuous and competitive learning situations in school and university educational systems. This competitiveness, heavy workload, unreasonable expectations in day-to-day lives, and unbearable financial burdens are common factors faced by students today. As a result, they face anxiety, stress, fatigue, tension, frustration and unhappiness, and consequently, their behaviour becomes unhealthy.

There are many plans and promotions in place at schools and universities, which support the academic curriculum and co-curricular activities. Many of those aim at high performance in mainstream subjects such as maths, science etc. Physical education and drama / dance provide children with opportunities to improve their physical health and creativity, and some relief from the classroom activities. However, today such activities have also become so competitive and achievement driven, which again increase the stress and anxiety in students.

It is being accepted all over the world now that one good solution to deal with this stressful situation is to offer sessions on mindfulness in schools and universities. The practice of mindfulness is recognised as a way of empowering children to develop coping skills to face the stressful situations. It will help them to adopt productive and healthy lifestyles, and prepare them gradually to accept achievements and failure with the same mind-set.

There are huge benefits you would gain by practicing mindfulness. It is an art of living which helps you to understand your true nature by watching what arises in the present moment with no judgements.

The first three stages of Maha Khala focus on Mindfulness and is an ideal program to introduce into the classroom activities to reset the neural pathways and bring focus back to the lesson. If we can teach our youth how to become master of their mind from a young age, this skill enables them to navigate through life in an expanded state of awareness with the ability to tap into the universal intelligence of consciousness itself.

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