A journey of Transcendence

An Emergence of Self Awareness

Train your mind to be in the present moment. Learn how to gain access to the Cosmic Consciousness which contains Cosmic Intelligence and Cosmic Love. Maha Khala is the door that leads you to an Awareness of Consciousness itself. That expanded and relaxed awareness in the present moment allows you to integrate with the Cosmic Consciousness and align to Divine’s will.

Can you be Present, Here, Right Now!

The Art of Being Present

Maha Khala by definition, refers to the highest time, the present moment. We are so consumed by though addiction that we are never here, in this moment, to accept what is. Instead our mind vacillates to the past and lives from pain and misery or believes in hope of future boons that never manifests and if it does, it’s time expires to take you back into pain and misery. You remain on this endless wheel of chasing the next object, the next idea the next feeling. As such this pendulum of the mind creates the mental stress and emotional anguish that takes us away from a centred state of acceptance and bliss.

Maha Khala enables an expanded awareness where surrender comes to the forefront. Only when you are in the present moment, can you fully accept what is. When you accept what is, you step beyond the sensory limitations into the limitless potential of your True Self.

The exclusive Six Stage Maha Khala training program, offers a step by step process, transcending beyond the vacillations of the mind, into the domain of cosmic consciousness. Your intuitive senses become heightened enabling access to the infinite intelligence and love that is available to you.

Each Stage has a set of knowledge in the form of text, video and audio discourses. The Stages start with a Self Reflection process to assess your current state, followed by the relevant processes and practices. The Self Assessment allows you to gauge your mastery of the practice and stage. When you have mastered a Stage you move onto the next Stage.

There are around 57 modules to complete with over 200+ hours of content, practices and self work applications to guide you towards mastery of your mind.

Choose from the free ebook, free audio book, or free online course and start your Maha Khala Quest. The community forum helps support your progress and when you have mastered being in the present moment, enquire about our certificate training programs.

There are no guarantees! One of the fundamental principles of our foundation is that this sacred quest of transcendence is a personal journey that only you can walk. We can offer you the knowledge, the techniques and the support but we cannot do the practice on your behalf. It is up to you to practice. As with anything in life, to master something you have to apply yourself. The same is true for Maha Khala. As simple as it may seem the technique, if not practiced, becomes just another meditation course that you can add to your resume of life.

On the other hand, if you follow the program, apply the practices, integrate Maha Khala into your lifestyle and daily activities, you will experience the wonders of the present moment. This Self Realization will be your guarantee that the technique works.

Maha Khala is for anyone who wishes to move through their life in an expanded state of self awareness. Maha Khala can be taught from ages 3+. Learn more through our community forum. Maha Khala is especially beneficial for ADHD, ADD, Mental Health issues, Emotional Trauma, Young Adults, Rehabilitation, Workplace Wellness, Classroom Calm and the Meditator who wishes to have more of those Satori experiences.

Maha Khala can be integrated into any spiritual practice from yoga to prayer to pranayama to self work processes. Maha Khala can even be applied in social activities and work environments (within reason and guidance). Learn more about Dynamic Maha Khala on your sacred quest.

And if you are already a practitioner in the spiritual arts enquire about our Train the Trainer Certificate courses to include Maha Khala as part of your outreach cause.

Join the Emergence of Self Awareness.


Unleash your Higher Being, Discover your True Self

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Why Maha Khala?

We don’t just focus on mental health, we include the whole being for Spiritual Wellness.

Check your state of being with this self assessment :

The Ultimate Addiction

Can you stop your thoughts at will, especially during your meditation practices? Yes or No.

Endless Stress

Are you constantly trying to manage your life through the choices you make? Yes or No.

Lack of Energy

Has basic chores become an effort that drains your energy? Does it seem like the day never comes to an end quick enough? Yes or No.

Sensory Reactions

Are you easily triggered by the actions of the world? Do you get easily frustrated, angry, irritated, annoyed with others or the events of the world? Yes or No.

Tiresome Masks

How many masks do you wear in a day? Are you the same person at work as you are at home, as you are with your lover, as you are with your kids, as you are with your parents, as you are with your priest, swami or rabbi? Yes or No.

Trusting the Sixth Sense

Is your True Self at the forefront of your decisions or do you live from the Ego and the demands of your archetypes? Can you trust that inner voice or does doubt and fear push you you to trust the limitations of your intellect.

Unapologetically Authentic

Maha Khala was first documented in The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul in 2019. In order for you to walk the part of Self Awareness, Truth must chosen from Beliefs and Conditioning. Belief is someone else’s understanding. Truth is your Self Realisation of what is real for you. Hence the foundation openly shares that it’s cause is for the Awakening of Consciousness rather than the validation of the Ego. If you have an open mind with an empty cup of knowledge ready to fill it up with the wonders of creation, then you will find many trinkets on your sacred quest of Maha Khala.

If thinking defines who you are, then why are you so stressed? Why do you need to meditate to find peace and serenity?

Why is the present moment important to wellness? Can God only be found in the present moment?

Do you trust Divine’s will or do you put your own meaning on your life’s experiences? And has that meaning served you well?

Beyond who society has created, is the real you, the you beyond the conditioning, your True Self, the Soul!

Take Action Now

A Sacred Quest

Awakening is something that happens in every moment’s self realization. Maha Khala is a tool that brings you into the present moment and The Perennial Truth offers you the cosmic codex to understand what is, in that present moment. When you can experience this for yourself, you transform belief and conditioning into a resurrected truth, that is unique to you. This Self realization becomes your Perennial Truth enabling you to be your own Metaphysician.

What you will learn

Using the sensory elements to step beyond the activities of the mind and the feelings of the heart into the domain of pure consciousness.

From Fear to Oneness

Maha Khala uses the sensory elements to step beyond the activities of the mind and the feelings of the heart into the domain of pure consciousness.

One of the major reasons for mental illness is the fear of loneliness. Not feeling like you belong or fit in or that you are being seen. This feeling of loneliness is an illusion of the martyr archetype which, if indulged, can drain your physical, mental and emotional energies to keep you in the negative polarity of self inflicted pain and misery.

Maha Khala guides you to step beyond this fear to connect with the Whole. It integrates you with the power, intelligence and love of the Whole, the Cosmic Consciousness. The spiritual experiences people have while in the state of meditation comes from the forces of the collective consciousness. There is a lot of misinformation on the web about meditation. Meditation is thought to be techniques you practice while being away from your normal life. It is regarded as separate from life, almost like going to church on Sundays.

Maha Khala can teach you how to turn any activity into meditation. It awakens you from the slumber of trance, and allows you to awaken no matter what you are doing. Maha Khala enable this expanded state of Self Awareness. It consciously reintegrates you with the larger Whole that you are already part of. You go back online. And with it, that feeling of being separate, alone, lost in a world without purpose, disappears. There is a huge difference between a meditation technique and the actual state of meditation. That is the simple truth.

A guided meditation can lead you to a relaxed state, but in itself the technique is just a mental activity. Like mindfulness. There is nothing wrong with learning how to meditate in a silent, peaceful space, but ultimately you want to bring this state of meditation into life with you. So that it can become your new waking state. A state beyond the trance called life.

Maha Khala enables an effortless state of awareness. You are aware of everything, yet you are not drawn to any particular thing. You are aware of the whole, rather than the parts. You are physically, mentally and emotionally available to the present moment, yet you are not drawn to any particular sensation, thought or feeling. It is a state of all-inclusiveness, without effort. It is the relaxed, yet fully aware state of consciousness. A state of being from where everything meaningful originates – oneness with the whole, with everything that is.

The Six Stages of Maha Khala

The exclusive Six Stage Maha Khala course offers you more than just learning how to meditate.
It teaches you the Art of Being.

Beyond Thought

Understand where your thoughts come from and learn how to stop this thought addiction at will.

Beyond Choice

Discover your reasons for self sabotage and learn how to be in a state of choicelessness.

Beyond Passion

Fear can keep us chained to conditioned habits and beliefs. Learn how to step beyond emotions.

Beyond Identity

Man, Woman, LGBQT, White, Asian, John, Mary.These identities keep us captive in the trance of life.

Beyond Ego

For the sincere seeker becoming master of the archetypes is necessary for awakening.

Become the Void

Beyond the light is the void that connects you to the cosmic ocean of consciousness. That feeling of pure Bliss and Joy.

What you will gain

integration within

Become your own Metaphysician and Spiritual Mentor

Self Doubt keeps us in the palms of others opinions go who we are, what we are, and how we should live our lives. We become mentally and emotionally dependent on others to become our compass navigating us from limited understanding of the grand plan. Take your power back!

Management tools for your Mental Health

If anything, the main benefit of mastering Maha Khala is to help you move beyond the ultimate addiction of thinking all the time. This allows you to master your mind and manage your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Higher levels of Prana

The senses allows us to experience life fully. When we master Maha Khala we gain the ability of tapping into the life force energy available to us. Not only in nature but in any environment that we find ourselves in. A secret of Maha Khala.

Self Compassion and Healing

Because Maha Khala works on all levels of being within the seven realms of your creation, deep unconscious healing happens that starts unveiling your True Self like the lotus flower that emerges from the muddy waters.

Heightened Intuitive Abilities

Every individual has the potential to be clairvoyant with higher frequencies of intuitive abilities that gives you insights into events of the present moment. Maha Khala enables you to trust in that inner voice to guide you through life.

Resetting of your neural pathways

The limitation of the intellect causes us to create our own meaning on events in our life. The patterns and connections we ascern direct the choices we make. By resetting our neural pathways we move into an expanded state of acceptance which allows us to connect to the unlimited potential of our being.

Start your Quest

Step beyond thought addiction into the wonder space of no-mind.

Words of Inspiration

A knowledge and wise guidance independent of any single religion providing an understanding of life and beyond. In essence, everything we need already exists within us, we just need rediscover that and that’s what TPT shows you

“No Pain No Growth” And it all starts with Going inward ” Maha Khala leads you beyond the mind into the Heart and Beyond the Heart into the adobe of the soul bringing unity” And that is where you will meet The Real you and healing Will begin.

The present moment was an illusive idea. Just be was none the easier. Until I found TPT and  the practice of Maha Khala. When my mind is wondering at 200km/hr, the technique has helped me find focus and silence from thoughts. With my children, it means I can be fully present and enjoy the moment with them. At work, it means less effort to get the job done, and for myself it means I no longer consume myself with thinking. I am grateful for the knowledge and a tool that makes being present practical and not just an idea.

All I was searching for was something that could explain the emptiness. This dissatisfaction with life is a never ending nightmare…..Instead of continuing the spiral of unhealthy habits I started really focusing on my meditation and studying The Perennial Truth and I realised Maha Khala is they key that opened the door to my soul and the only way to grow and heal is to go inwards. That is when I fell in love with practicing Maha Khala and I know for a fact Maha Khala will be part of who I am for the rest of my time.

The Emergence for Self Awareness


Six Stages of Maha Khala
Over 200 hours of practical processes
Video and Audio Discourses
Guided Maha Khala Meditations
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